Welcome to the ‘Cryptonomics Africa.’ This blog is designed to engage everyone, especially Africans, on the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We aim to go beyond a mere discussion of the different types of cryptocurrencies available as an investment option to an economic analysis of cryptocurrencies and the practicality of using the Blockchain in Africa’s development. Come let’s learn together!

Our Mission

Blockchain technology is complex and little understood, but it has enormous potential. It is an incredibly powerful technology, capable of addressing the challenges of development, as blockchain increases transparency, trust, and efficiency.

Cryptocurrencies and cryptocoins – used properly in the right economic ecosystems – can play a key role in supporting these ecosystems.

Currently, Africa is a passive player in these revolutions. If Africa is going to benefit, there is an urgent need for African actors, including the private sector, financial institutions, regulators, and governments, to better understand – and use – blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies/coins.

Cryptonomics Africa’s Mission is to:

(a) Educate Africans on the blockchain and cryptocurrency/coin revolution.
(b) Provide a perspective of different currencies based on the long-term economics of these currencies.
(c) Ensure Africans control how the blockchain develops on the continent; and enable these technologies to be deployed across Africa in an effective and sustainable manner.
(d) Create a community of African experts in the blockchain/crypto space.