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Author: Omobolanle Adeniran

Stablecoins, what purpose do they serve?

‘Bitcoin hit fresh lows not seen in over a year Nov.20  as assets across the board shed millions’   Are stablecoins the answer to bitcoin’s instability? What purpose do these stablecoins actually serve? Let’s look at what stablecoins are in general. Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency which can either be backed by fiat currencies or exchange traded commodities (such as gold, silver, other precious and industrial metals, etc) and are used to reduce price volatility. The above definition is what is called a centralized stablecoin, which are the more popular type of stablecoins. “Any application which requires...

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Can Smart Contracts Change the Legal System?

The blockchain technology is not only disrupting the banking, healthcare, education, agriculture and healthcare industry, but also the legal industry.  Many industries are finding new ways to adopt this technology every day. The blockchain technology boasts of a trust system, whereby trust is established through collaboration and code, rather than a central authority. Smart contracts are a product of this technology.  One benefit of these smart contracts is that it reduces the reliance on trusted intermediaries unlike in a traditional contract law.   Contracts A contract formalizes an agreement between two or more parties. A contract refers to an...

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Africa’s economy is inherently dependent on Agriculture. It is estimated to represent more than 35 percent of Africa’s total GDP and employs more than 60 percent of the labour force (NEPAD-OECD Africa Investment Institute, 2010). Africa is blessed with vast natural and mineral resources and the agricultural sector is considered to be the largest economic sector. Nevertheless, it is plagued with a number of challenges; from low access to funding faced by farmers, to high transaction costs caused by poor transportation costs and intermediaries.  A fintech startup -Binkabi, focused on solving issues in commodity supply chain in developing markets,...

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Cryptocurrency Hacks and the Immutability of the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency hacks are shaking the faith of cryptocurrency investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Is investing in cryptocurrency actually safe?’ Let’s look at the four large segments of cryptocurrency hacks: Double spend attack or 51% attack Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) And Attacks on the Cryptocurrency exchanges .  Attacks on User’s Wallets.   Double spend attack or 51% attack The most prominent attack is the 51% attack or double spend attack. This occurs when a miner or group of miners on a blockchain are trying to spend their cryptocurrencies on that same blockchain twice and control more than 50% of the...

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ICO- A better way to raise capital?

Imagine if you could raise capital for your project idea or company without giving up ownership of your company or equity. How? -ICO! The first ICO or first token sale was done by Master coin in July, 2013. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. This is similar to an Initial Public Offering( IPO) i.e.when a company lists out their stocks on a stock exchange for the first time by offering their stock to the public in order to raise capital. This is a traditional and regulated means of raising capital. An ICO is an innovative and unregulated crowdfunding mechanism...

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