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Author: Fortune Nwaiwu

The value of a cryptocurrency/token depends on its use case

The advent of Bitcoin and its phenomenal rise in price value has led to a rush into the cryptocurrency space with hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies also known as altcoins. Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency has the “first mover’s” advantage. However, there are other cryptocurrencies with use cases and value propositions that address different problems or market opportunities which Bitcoin doesn’t aim to address. Essentially, cryptocurrency projects are assessed by market sentiment and use cases which the project intends to solve. Market sentiment is a natural phenomenon which drives speculative tendencies and it affects all asset classes from commodities to...

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Coin Analysis – Abjcoin commerce

AFRICAN COIN ANALYSIS –  Abjcoin Commerce                   Basic Information There is no information available as to who the founder(s) of the Abjcoin project are. The project may have commenced in 2017. However, Abjcoin went live on 11th of June 2018 with a supply of 250,000 Abjcoin commerce coins/tokens. It started trading on the 25th of June 2018 Structure of community/ecosystem: AbjCoin Commerce utilises the Proof of stake algorithm as a system of securing the network. Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking are rewarded with a...

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Finchcoin Analysis

AFRICAN COIN ANALYSIS   Our Perspective Finchcoin is faced with too many problems – duplicate domain extension and transparency which has made us believe that finchcoin has no future in the crypto market.      ♦ DETAILS ♦   Symbol:  Finchcoin Founder(s): Emmanuel Dabi, Cyril Edem Nyarku, Richard Mensah, Mrugesh Pawar, Dr. Shilpa Pawar Launch Date:  2016 Website: Amount raised at ICO: NA (unconfirmed) Status: Not Trading Platform: No platform Total Supply: NA Current Market Capitalization: NA All time peak : NA         Our Analysis On Finchcoin Lack of verifiable information. There is no clarity on the structure of its community/ecosystem,...

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Nurucoin Analysis

AFRICAN COIN ANALYSIS OUR PERSPECTIVE Nurucoin does not offer any unique coin value, based on publicly available information. There is sufficient reason to doubt the credibility of the project and its backers which makes it rather suspicious and not worth the investment.       OUR ANALYSIS Nurucoin has Clear goals, but goals are already achievable using existing cryptocurrencies, so there’s no unique value proposition. No evidence to support claims of working on prototype which currently has 150 registered merchants, 100,343 community members, and 5,664 investors. No evidence to indicate that ICO funds are being stored in an Escrow wallet....

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Global and Africa Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The advent of cryptocurrencies have also brought along with them a new segment within the financial services industry segment. The market potential and opportunity for investors is huge likewise cryptocurrency exchanges, with a combined market capitalization of over 1900 cryptocurrencies currently standing at over US$286 billion according to data obtained from CoinrateCap.   ARE YOU READY? GET IT NOW!Increase Your income in trading!Get Weekly News Alert! Your EmailYour Name Security note - we will not share your email with third parties. Powered by Ninja Popups   Generally, cryptocurrency exchanges enable investors to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies purchased either by...

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