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Author: Andrew S. Nevin (PhD)

Sierra Leone election makes blockchain history

It’s no doubt that Sierra Leone election makes blockchain history. I wrote about my visit to Liberia and Liberia’s efforts to move past the civil wars and the Ebola crisis. Of course, Sierra Leone also suffered a devastating civil war (1991-2002) and was also a victim of the Ebola crisis. And because they are both English-speaking neighbours, friends, and roughly the same size in area and population we often speak about them together. So it is great in a short space of time to be be able to point to positive developments in both countries. In Sierra Leone’s case,...

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Ledgers are life … and why Blockchain is revolutionary?

Image from Binkabi Medium What is the difference between $20 in cash and getting $20 out of the ATM machine? The answer to this seemingly simple question raises profound philosophical questions, and points the way to why Blockchain is revolutionary. The answer is that the $20 is yours … your ownership of it does not depend on anyone telling you it is yours. But the $20 you try to take out of the ATM only exists because the bank’s ledgers say it exists. If the bank’s ledger says you don’t have $20 … you don’t. You can of course dispute this...

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The Infinity War — whoever controls money controls the world

Image from Binkabi Medium It is reported that around 1900, the famous physicist Lord Kelvin said ‘There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.’ Of course, we all know what happened next. Classical (Newtonian) physics was completely upended by Einstein and we are still grappling (120 years later) with how the universe actually works. We are at a similar inflection point with our thinking about the monetary system. When I was in Economics grad school in 1980, everyone seemed to think we had pretty much worked out monetary...

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